RE: The Shahs of Sunset Strike


To my creative colleagues who make unscripted television,

I’m sure you’re aware of the recent labor dispute between the sixteen editors and assistants and Ryan Seacrest Productions. Since the post-production crew walked off the job three weeks ago to…

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Anonymous said: Hiya. This morning I recieved the news that I passed a rather horrid exam I was struggling with a few semesters now and it nearly cost me my degree. But I finally passed! Anyway, I'm just really happy at the moment and was wondering if you could send some celebratory brits for me and to brighten other people's day who may struggle with school, uni or work ... Thank you.


Congratulations! So we could go with the basic thumbs up. 


Or we could go a little more enthusiastic.

Or if we dare we could…no we shouldn’t. Nevermind. 

But it is Friday so maybe……

We could go for a

Happy Friday everyone. 

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Sorry! I’ve told you before, take the stairs!


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Nothing like a half bottle of vodka and Tom Hiddleston movies to unwind from a 6 day work week.

I need a poster of this.

I need a poster of this.

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